ATA's Hiking & Tennis Vacation


instru7.jpgThe Hiking and Tennis Vacation is ideal for those guests seeking to horn their racquet skills while on vacation.  The Program consists of an air conditioned room with three daily meals, snacks, guided novice, intermediate or advanced hike, with limited kayaking, caving, excursion and a daily hour long tennis lesson. Massages ($75.00+), boot camp, yoga classes ($30.00), tennis lessons ($70.00), cooking demonstrations and nutrition consults by our Registered Dietitians ($90.00) are available à la carte. Please note some of these classes require a 2 to 3 guest minimum and may not be available for last minute requests.


The Gunterman Tennis School utilizes the Summit's four red clay tennis courts to offer a variety of programs. Treat yourself, and your tennis game, to some of the finest, most challenging instruction anywhere. Enjoy bringing your game to the next level in the beautiful environs or the fresh, crisp mountains of Vermont's Summit Lodge. We tailor our program to your interests and needs for the maximum benefit. You'll go home feeling refreshed and confident about your strokes and strategy












Appalachian Trail Adventures handpicked its hikes out of the 1,000 miles of trails in Vermont's Green Mountains. The majority of our hikes are in the Green Mountain National Forest along the Appalachian Trail and Long Trail, the oldest long distance hiking trail in the country. With over 20 years of experience, we have chosen trails with the best scenic mountain vistas, waterfalls, historical features and lakes. Even our novice hikes will take you along beautiful country trails in the Green Mountain National Forest. In the fall, we offer some of the most spectacular foliage hiking in New England. We are located close to the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail to provide maximum access to the hiking trails.



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Our Hiking Vacations are very flexible being for all ability levels, we offer daily hikes from novice to advanced levels. You can turn it up one day and go on an advanced hike and the next day take it easy with a beginner hike or half day hike. ATA customizes each guests' experience, we allow the hikes to be as long or as short as guests wish. Having a guide in front and rear enables some hikers on the same hike to go fast and some to go slowly.


On a full day hiking adventure, distances range from 5 to 10 miles depending on hikers' requests and weather. Hiking times vary from 4 to 8 hours with a picnic lunch that is provided. 


fieldc.jpgWe also provide a 2 to 4 hour and 3 to 6 mile local half-day hike for guests seeking an afternoon kayaking adventure or an excursion to the local villages or attraction. As an alternative or when in demand, we will visit a beginner cave post hike. These activities are limited due to the afternoon tennis lesson. Returning from the day's adventure, an a la carte yoga class is held before dinner for those interested. Please note some of these classes require a 2 to 3 guest minimum and may not be available for last minute requests.  After dinner, guests may get together to watch one of ATA's nature themed movies. Guests also have the option of a massage after dinner or even post hike. For more information on hikes, visit ATA's Novice Hike Page, Intermediate Hike Page or Advanced hike Page.


The 2 to 4 hour local half-day hike is perfect for guests who need to check out, have a spa treatment, go solo exploring one of Vermont's attractions or villages, take a nap, sit by the pool or to participate in an à la carte activity such as rock climbing, tennis lesson or horseback riding. Please see our Daily Schedule Page for more information. 


m.picture 148.jpgAfter hiking, discover Vermont's unspoiled waterways drifting down a beautiful section of a river or a nearby flat water pond or lake. Central Vermont has many great areas to tour by kayak. Looking for a scenic paddle or a view from a different perspective? Kayaks are prefect vehicles to spot wildlife or a way to spend a beautiful afternoon.  Our kayaking adventures are very flexible being for all ability levels with beginners being especially welcome.   The typical afternoon kayak adventure consists of a 1 to 3 hour flat water lake paddle or a more adventurous river paddle.