ATA's Day Guiding Services 

picture 7789c.jpgAppalachian Trail Adventures provides daily customized group or private guided hikes, kayaking, caving and sightseeing tours throughout the Green Mountains of Vermont for all abilities. We mainly hike along the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail throughout the Green Mountains National Forest. With over 25 years of experience, we have chosen trails with the best scenic mountain vistas, waterfalls, historical features, secret local spots, rivers and lakes. In the fall, we offer some of the most spectacular foliage hiking in New England. We have the region’s largest kayak rental fleet with 19 top quality, single person kayaks. We do offer Kayak rentals to those with own transportation and for those larger groups we can trailer rentals to the Chittenden Reservoir and Lefert's Pond.


Our guests are adventurists who do not feel comfortable hitting the hiking trails, lakes and rivers alone, ranging from young adults to seniors seeking an active vacation at different levels of ability and fitness. We also host company outings but truly specialize with families and young children. Over the years we developed some fun tricks to keep kids entertained when hiking or exploring the outdoors. ATA likes to make sure with kids to explorer "cool" trails that have a "wow" factor for both kids and adults. Besides they get hike and kayak with ATA's mascot Aeolus the beagle. 


Guests may combine any type of trip we offer, such as a morning hiking with an afternoon kayaking adventure or sightseeing tour. One of favorites is a short hike to the ice cave, followed by a kayak trip either on lake or river. For more details or rates, please call 1-888-855-8655 or use the contact form to email us.


We are located in Killington, Vermont close to the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail to provide maximum access to the hiking trails. ATA's home base is the Summit Lodge which is located on the left 1.5 miles up Killington Mountain Road, that's just north of the Route 4 in Killington, Vermont. The Physical address is 78 Weathervane Drive, Killington, VT 05751.


For ATA's Day Guiding brochure click here.

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Sightseeing Day Tours

Looking for a Vermont sightseeing adventure? Let us show you around with over 25 years of exploring Vermont, ATA’s Sightseeing Day Tours are a great way to see the area's best local attractions. We will show local secret sites off the maps, such as waterfalls, swimming holes, scenic local roads and automobile accessed jaw dropping vistas. Tours also include quaint villages, historical sites, local country stores, Vermont artisan’s stores, covered bridges, cheese tasting, brewery tours, antiquing and much more! Check out ATA’s excursion webpage for a few local attractions we visit regularly.


We travel in small groups setting on a 2 to 8-hour adventure that picks you up and drops you off at your hotel or residence. ATA adventures operate in all four seasons, and can be customized based on your own personal interests and fitness level.



Appalachian Trail Adventures handpicked its hikes out of the 1,000 miles of trails in Vermont's Green Mountains. The majority of our hikes are in the Green Mountain National Forest along the Appalachian Trail and Long Trail, the oldest long distance hiking trail in the country. Even our novice hikes will take you along beautiful country trails in the Green Mountain National Forest. We are located close to the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail to provide maximum access to the hiking trails.


Our Hiking Vacations are very flexible being for all ability levels, we offer daily hikes from novice to advanced levels. You can turn it up one day and go on an advanced hike and the next day take it easy with a beginner hike or half day hike. ATA customizes each guest's experience, we allow the hikes to be as long or as short as guests wish. Having a guide in front and rear enables some hikers on the same hike to go fast and some to go slowly.


On a full day, hiking distances range from 5 to 10 miles depending on hikers' requests and weather. Hiking times vary from 4 to 8 hours with a picnic lunch (not provided). If time allows and guests desire, we provide an excursion to the local village or attraction. We also provide a 2 to 3 hour and 3 to 6 mile local half-day hike for guests who want to go solo exploring one of Vermont's attractions or villages after hiking.  Hiking times start at 8:30 a.m. at the Summit Lodge, however some days other starting times may be available.




















Kayaking & Kayak Rentals

Discover Vermont's unspoiled waterways drifting down a beautiful section of the Ottauquechee River, Otter Creek, White River or a nearby flat water pond or lake. Central Vermont has many great areas to tour by kayak. Looking for a scenic paddle or a view from a different perspective? Kayaks are prefect vehicles to spot wildlife or a way to spend a beautiful afternoon.  Our Kayaking Vacations are very flexible being for all ability levels with beginners being especially welcome. We can customize any trip that you would like to try.


Our Kayaking Trips are designed for those guests seeking a half day or a full day of river adventure.  Please note during extreme drought conditions river levels may be too low to run. We provide a 2 to 3 hour local pond or river kayak for guests seeking a half day adventure. The typical full day consists of a 5 to 7 hour kayaking adventure with a picnic lunch (not provided) along a scenic river area. If time allows, guests may choose to see a local village or attraction.


We have the region’s largest kayak rental fleet with 19 top quality single person kayaks. We do offer Kayak rentals to those with own transportation and for those larger groups we can trailer rentals to the Chittenden Reservoir and Lefert's Pond.


Daily guided river kayaking trips and weekly trips on Wednesdays & Saturdays at 2pm in Woodstock & Killington regions


Private or group trips offered daily 


Discover Vermont's waterways drifting down a beautiful river or exploring a flat-water lake


Kayaking for all abilities everyone especially beginner, any doubts just check out ATA’s TripAdvisor’s reviews


Fun three-mile flat water trip with no technical rapids along a scenic section of the Ottauquechee river or turn it up with rapids on the White River


Depending on flow rates & group size trip last 1.5 to 3 hours average run time is 2 hours


Convenient walk to drop in location from downtown Woodstock


Central meeting location in Killington for either lake or river kayaking


Top quality kayaks, very stable and maneuverable, all equipment provided, professional guides go over paddle techniques and coach during trip


Nervous try our lake introduction to kayaking & paddle techniques


River & lake trips for everyone especially beginners. The Chittenden Reservoir has stunning scenery surround by the Green Mountain National Forest, with the lake being 741 acres and two miles across


Ideal for families



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Have you ever wondered what is caving like? Is caving suited for me? Come and discover all about caving! ATA offers beginner to advanced friendly cave trips, with novices being especially welcome where you will get to experience a true caving adventure. Come explore Vermont's marble and talus caves guided by the discoverer of the largest cave in New England, John Keough owner of ATA. 

Exploration of caves takes us into a world much different from that above ground, a world of darkness surrounded by rock and mud. Exotic formations, streams and waterfalls, tight crawlways, deep canyons and pits, huge rooms with large blocks of breakdown, crickets, bats and unknown await the cave explorer. It's a variety of sports put together such as hiking, canyoneering, rock climbing and scrambling, even vertical rope techniques for those who dare and more.

Caving rates vary on group size, cave visited and cave trip duration; quick 1-2 hours, half day 3-4 hours, or full day 6-8 hours, times including driving, hiking and caving.

The half day cave adventure: Includes a cave trip of 3 to 5 hours including the 25-minute drive to trail head. The 45-minute hike is approximately a half mile in length with 500 vertical feet of climbing, with some slight rock scrambling. Depending on the size of the group, you can expect one to two hours of caving adventure underground.