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A.T. Adventures' massage therapy approach is to offer a variety of relaxing and therapeutic treatments to help you gear-up or wind down from activities of all seasons. If you are a sports enthusiast or have simply come to get away and relax, massage therapy is a wonderful addition to compliment and enhance your stay with us. We offer a variety of treatments including swedish, reflexology, sports, deep tissue, aroma therapy and exfoliation. Appointments and gift certificates can be arranged by contacting our front desk staff. Advance bookings are recommended. Personalized Training and Fitness Consultation are available by appointment.


A flowing combination of techniques that manipulates the soft tissue and muscle groups. This treatment is soothing and relaxing and assists in muscular stress reduction and helps promote a feeling of well being and relaxation. 50 minutes $80


AFTER A WORKOUT: To relieve tightness, release contraction and to help reduce lactic acid buildup PRIOR TO A WORKOUT: To provide stretch, flexibility and increased circulation to major muscle groups to help prepare muscles for a workout and help prevent injury and improve performance.  50 minutes $85


This treatment uses techniques that stimulate pressure points on the feet that correspond to associated areas of the body. The goal is to assist in reduction of stress and tension not only in the feet but to help promote overall relaxation to the body. This treatment has the effect of making one feel as if you are walking on air. 50 minutes $80


Brisk and invigorating. This treatment uses a peach apricot scrub to remove superficial dry skin cells and leave the skin feeling revitalized soft and refreshed. Excellent for skin exposed to dry climates or harsh winter environments. 45 minutes $80


This treatment is recommended for individuals who are used to getting massage therapy on a regular basis. It is also recommended for physically active individuals and sports enthusiasts who often experience muscle tension, contraction and fatigue. 50 minutes $100


A combination of techniques from our selection of treatments that allow the individual to experience variety of massage techniques in one treatment. 50 minutes $80


Our treatment uses a blend of aromatic essential oils, a warm back compress, and a combination massage in addition to a 25 minute reflexology session that can be done prior to or at the end the massage treatment. 75 minutes $110