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"I've done some small hiking trips in eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I enjoyed my time hiking with you, Rascal, and your team very much."

Laura from Reston, VA



"Along with the amazing colors of fall, beautiful location, I also really enjoyed meeting all of you and making new friends :-)  You guys are the BEST!!!  If I am in the country next fall, I would love to come back.  If you guys are ever in Del Rio area, please give me a shout."

Trupti from Del Rio, Texas


"The hikes, guides and excursions where the best!! I loved the fall colors the leaves were just peaking."   

Marcella from Hadfield, NJ


"The Hikes and excursions were amazing.  I love all the options on what and where we wanted to climb. We had Yoga which was wonderful.  The guides were the best.  You could either chat or just take in the scenery.  Lisa and I loved hiking with John the owner! Hope all is well and we will be back."

Suzanne and Lisa from Stanfordville, NY


"We cannot say enough positive things about you, Grant, Celeste, and the whole experience with ATA.  John, you have a great thing going on with ATA.  Our experience went beyond all our expectations.  I would find it hard to believe that your professionalism, friendliness, and expertise could be matched anywhere else.  "The life changing experience we had with ATA made our honeymoon an adventure we will always remember and plan to repeat as soon as we can." Thank you for an adventure of a lifetime.  We hope to see you again real soon."

Amanda and Chris from Birmingham, AL


"Thanks you did a really good job trying to meet our requests and informing us with wonderful facts and storied of the Appalachian trail. It was Great experience. Thanks for assisting me withy my shoe problem. You made my trip a memorable one!"

Louise from Buffalo Glove, IL., September


"I really enjoyed the hiking. I loved the way your team was able to accommodate my endurance buddy and my low key, picture taking self. If you or part of your team finds yourself in Texas, just stop by. We'll leave the lights on for you. You have the address."

 Deb from Katonah, NY., September


"I just wanted to say THANKS to john and all the guides for a great time and awesome trip. It was relaxed and beautiful and only wish I could have seen more. I thoroughly enjoyed the hikes and guides, keep it up!

Lori from Minneapolis, MN.,


"The four hikes and excursion were fantastic. John and Celeste where great guides and the yoga classes were excellent. The spa meals were delicious and the inn staff was great and always helpful."

Betsy from Charlottesville NC.,


"I enjoyed the hikes and excursions.  John, Chris and Celeste were all excellent guides and very knowledgeable about the area.  The hikes that you selected for me were challenging but not beyond my capabilities.  I like the fact that each hike was different.  The Inn is not a fancy place, but I was comfortable staying there and the two Paul's took good care of me.  The room was clean and comfortable. The cuisine was good healthy food that actually made me think about eating more healthy when I returned home.  I really liked the wraps for lunch as well as the pasta salad and loved the introduction to golden delicious apples, which I now keep trying to find around here. The yoga classes I took with Celeste were great.  She really focused on stretching the areas that were sore from the hikes."

Karen from Austin, Texas



"ATA was a wonderful, affordable find.  I have always wanted to go to a health spa for vacation but found most of them somewhat intimidating and out of my price range. The Inn is the "base camp" for ATA and is a quaint inn with lots of nooks and crannies to explore.  The rooms provide no frills but very clean accommodations. The innkeeper and staff are warm and hospitable and provide exceptional service and prompt response to any special request; they also make you feel like you are part of the family.

I took part in the Healthy Living Program which included hiking and yoga everyday. All of the meals were included and the food was very good.  I ordered the spa portion since weight loss was part of my healthy living goal and never felt hungry.

John and his experienced, knowledgeable (and very nice, fun-loving) staff offered spectacular hikes at all levels.  The groups were small which allowed for flexibility in daily plans.  John offered several options and let everyone decide what they wanted to do. It was amazing how he was able to customize the hiking experience for each guest in the group. 

The yoga instructors were absolutely wonderful and they too were able to offer individual attention to all levels of student.  I highly recommend the yoga after a hike! I also met with a personal trainer who was wonderful in helping to design a comprehensive exercise approach that is portable and not dependent on being in a gym.

I added a session with a registered dietician along with a cooking demonstration as a la carte features.   It was very helpful to take advantage of her knowledge and expertise in a casual, non-intimidating atmosphere and to get a personal analysis of how to proceed with my health and weight loss goals and exercise routine.  The cooking demo was great fun and delicious.

I wanted a structured, health focused visit and I am extremely satisfied with my overall experience.  There were other guests there who mainly wanted the hiking experience with more flexibility in their daily schedules, and they seemed very happy as well. "

Lauren from NYC, NY


"I was there 5 nights and wanted to stay longer.  The ATA staff sends you away with new friends, good memories and lots of encouragement.  I would like to return again."

Anne from Nunnelly, Tenn


"Loved the hikes-did a good job if tailoring to everyone and seeing some of the local villages. The room was nice, the staff was very accommodating and the guides were great! All so nice, accommodating, professional, fun and knowledgeable."

Diego from Minneapolis, MN


"Excellent hikes and excursions! The inn staff was friendly, welcoming and the spa cuisine was excellent. I really enjoyed the yoga classed and john was the best guide. I can not think of any improvements."

William from Malden, MA



"If you're looking for a hiking trip in New England with an intimate setting and personalized approach, ATA is the perfect program for you. The price point is amazing; the hikes fantastic; and the guides both knowledgeable and lovely. Having been on a competing program in the Killington-area with which I was less than thrilled (large group setting; no choice for hikes or meals; low meal quality; strict rules around who could go on which hike), I found the staff at the ATA and at the inn to be accommodating and flexible. The amenities are fantastic for the price. The inn is quaint, and the food both healthy and delicious. (And I'm a bit of a "foodie," from NYC.) I was surprised to find an indoor pool (open until 10 or 11 at night), sauna and whirlpool; a beautifully maintained garden, along with an outdoor pool and tennis court. Whether or not you have a car, the inn is centrally located within walking distance to shops (about a 10-15 walk, which is really close for the Killington-area), should you forget something or want a momemento; as is picturesque Kent pond. For hiking enthusiasts, it should be noted that you are staying right off the Appalachian and Long Trails.. without the foot traffic. The guides are extremely well-practiced. Each one was able to give pointers to experienced hikers, as well as to beginners. I'm fairly athletic and have been hiking for years and nonetheless learned to improve my technical skills within a couple of hikes. Speaking with other guests, who were self-professed beginners, I found that they shared my thoughts. The guides live in the area and know it well, including the different types of plants and trees along the trails, which particularly impressed me.

The personalized attention was a real plus. It's a 1 on 1 or 1 on 2/3 experience, guide to guest. The hikes are tailored to ability. The guides are flexible should you be tired or not as able on a particular day. (For example, you could start a longer hike and if you tire, the hike will be shortened for you without loss of "the experience", for e.g., by omitting a particular loop or trail.) If you've done a particular hike in the past, including by yourself, the ATA are happy to take you elsewhere-- actually, all I had to do was mention that I knew a particular trail and the guides insisted on taking me somewhere new. The program includes additional excursions, which are free or at nominal cost (e.g., $2 for the historic marble museum, $10 for a refuge for birds of prey and a guided tour). Accordingly, I found myself as busy as I wanted -- some days taking it easy after the hike -- which, at one's preference can last a couple of hours, or 4-6, depending on your pace and how much you want to hike. While the guides aim to get you back to the inn at 2 or 4 pm (since it's an early start), they will recommend additional hiking or excursions for those who want to be out and about all day. Having hiked all over the world, by myself and with different groups, I give ATA the highest of marks; I had more fun than on many of the more expensive trips I've taken. And I went by myself."

 Laura from NYC, NY


"I think that this is an excellent place for hikers of all abilities.  The hikes were wonderful.  I was there in July when everything was green and the flowers were blooming so wherever we went it was lovely.  I even enjoyed the hike in the rain where we ended up at a gorgeous waterfall.  John made sure that our hikes were varied and doable.  We got a good workout without being overwhelmed.

The guides are knowledgeable, careful, and friendly.  John fits the hikes to the interests and abilities of the hikers which he can do since he knows so much about the hiking trails in the area.  It was fun to see some of the towns in the area and some of the local sights.

The Inn is a nice New England inn rather than a fancy spa.  And I thought that was just fine.  It was comfortable to hang out there.  The innkeeper was friendly and accommodating.  Of all things I was really impressed with the water pressure in the shower - it was probably the best shower I've ever been in.  I'm a vegetarian and I was very happy with the food.  They had a nice selection of vegetarian options (along with meat and fish) but I was especially fond of the pasta primavera for some reason their

version of this typical vegetarian dish was particularly tasty.

All in all, it was exactly what I wanted.  I'm a single woman who does not like to hike alone in the woods. This worked out beautifully for me.  I hope and expect to return."

Jean from Washington


"Thanks for a great weekend of hiking.   The Inn is quaint, Paul is very nice and the food was good.   Thanks again for the pictures you forward me from the Sunday hike."                                 

Judy from Hillsdale, NJ


"I really liked the new hikes and the view from the four thousand footer was just incredible. The room was very comfortable and paul the inn owner was very helpful. The spa cuisine was very good, I enjoyed every meal very much! The yoga instructors and hiking guides were great."

                                                                                          Satoko from Hoboken, NJ


"I appreciated the way that you tailored my abilities to the trails around "home base" so that we had six days of good hikes and no memories of long car rides. The inn and staff where fine a good value.  I wasn't paying for a 5-Star resort, and I got a lot more than I paid for the food was excellent. The Guides are very good.  Helped me push myself, but were understanding that at 68 I'm not longer a kid." 

            Kent from Indianapolis, IN


"I feel great, your program provided the relaxation and workout I needed. The meals were very delicious, much better than I expected. The personal attention ATA staff provided me extraordinary."

 Tami from Stow OH



"Thanks so much for a wonderful time and I will likely see you again someday."

Gayetta from Cleveland, OH


"I loved one of your hikes and would like to do it again in the fall, lovely forest walking and nice steady ascent with great views the top. Paul the inn owner made me feel welcome. The food was very good, I really enjoyed the breakfast and by the way I've made plenty of your peanut butter and secret ingredient since returning home, Delicious!"

Kate from Watertown, MA


"Excellent hikes and excursions! Great job matching the hikes and my ability and changing them as my ability improved. The inn and staff was great! The spa cuisine was great, especially the breakfast and PB wrap with that secret ingredient. I was impressed with John the owner's knowledge of the hiking trails and the many tips for walking, breathing and recuperating post hike.  His ability to tailor hikes to the hikers skill level with ATA's personal touch provided an unmatched vacation."

Kathleen from Enfield, CT


"During my visit at peak foliage was one of the best vacations I ever been on in my life! I was amazed at the great value and thought it was to good be true. John the owner was so nice and helpful and so were the inn owners. I felt like a friend, not a client. I had such a great time I'm booking my next year's trip later this month."

Bevon from Boston, MA


"Great value, great hikes, great food, great time! The hikes and excursions were very good and I enjoyed the option of being able to take a longer or shorter hike each day. The inn staff and spa cuisine was just wonderful. I really enjoyed the yoga classes, the instructors were the best I ever had. The hiking guides were also excellent and very knowledgeable of the fauna and trail system."

Megan from New Haven, CT


"Thanks for organizing such a wonderful vacation. I truly enjoyed it! And tell rascal thanks for hiking with me. I had a great time up in Vermont hiking with ATA.  You and everyone were so nice.  According to my scale at home I lost 15 pounds while I was hiking.  I have also lost another 8 pounds since I got back.  I am eating better and walking a lot.  I hope to lose another 5 to 10 pounds. The guides, inn and staff were wonderful and the sap cuisine was excellent. I really enjoyed the yoga classes the instructors were excellent. I just wanted to tell you I had a great time, it was really a wonderful experience.  Your guides were all so wonderful.  They made the hike very fun and he made me feel extremely comfortable and confident.  I have to tell you it was so wonderful, I am already planning to come back once your season starts again!!!   I had the greatest time the trip exceeded my expectations. Hiking with rascal was the highlight of the trip. He is the cutest beagle and so fun to watch on the trail.  I hope I didn't spoil him with all those treats I left for a tip. I also had the greatest massages I had in years."

Melinda from Los Angeles, CA



"Thank you so much for the lovely pictures. I just wanted to tell you that my daughter and I had a great time. We both lost 3 pounds for the three days of hiking. You certainly made the trip a success. We will not hesitate to recommend it whole heartily. Thanks again for making the trip such a great experience for us."

Rosemary and Natalie from Phoenix, AZ



"I just wanted to tell you I had a great time, it was really a wonderful experience.  Your guides were all so wonderful.  They made the hike very fun and he made me feel extremely comfortable and confident.  I have to tell you it was so wonderful, I am already planning to come back once your season starts again!!!"

Lisa from Lodi, New Jersey


"I had a great time up in Vermont hiking with ATA.  You and everyone were so nice.  According to my scale at home I lost 15 pounds while I was hiking.  I have also lost another 8 pounds since I got back.  I am eating better and walking a lot.  I hope to lose another 5 to 10 pounds. The guides, inn and staff were wonderful and the sap cuisine was excellent. I really enjoyed the yoga classes the instructors were excellent."

Mitch from Brooklyn, NY,


"Thanks for organizing such a wonderful vacation. I truly enjoyed it! And tell rascal thanks for hiking with me." 

Karen from Wapwallopen, PA,


"The hiking and excursion were very well organized, john had a good pulse on the hiking capabilities of the group. The guides were awesome!!  The inn staff was very nice and accommodating and boy were the lunches yummy.  My massage was great but the room was small."

Cheryl from Boston, MA,



"The hiking was outstanding and all the guides were friendly, easy to converse with. Great job custom fitting hikes  to hikers experience. The yoga classes were excellent and great to stretch out after the hike.  It was a pleasure coming to cool mountain air of Vermont."

 Peter from Boynton Beech, FL


"Good food very healthy tasting. Great massages I recommend trying them to any guests. The guides were fantabulous and the hikes were great! Great variety of views and excursions, very professional managed."

Tanya from Austin, TX


"ATA challenge me without completely over doing it. John's knowledge of the trail is extraordinary. Karen and Paul the inn owners are wonderful people and made me feel like family. They created a wonderful atmosphere.  I enjoyed all the spa cuisines and the yoga classes even though I'm not a yoga person. I definitely helped with stiffness.  The guides were awesome I enjoyed getting to know them."

Tina from Washington, DC


"We stayed at the Grey Bonnet Inn for a week and found the place to be great. The owners Paul and Karen were really friendly. The place itself is really cozy with lots of wooden beams and panels and it has a really homely feel to it. There is a large indoor swimming pool, hot tub, library and in the lounge a fabulous open fire place. If you are expecting a Hilton hotel then this isn't the place for you, however if you want a great family run hotel with excellent service that is really homely and friendly come here. We had a great time and when we left it was like leaving friends behind. I will almost certainly stay again if we get the chance to go back."

Hendes from England


"I stayed here with my boyfriend and another couple and we had a great time. The Inn itself - really cute, large, great country decor, the lounge is super comfortable with a working fireplace. The restaurant - great food! The staff - loved them, we loved chatting with Karen, Paul and Ed. Karen is so warm, we felt like family. Our room was a bit rustic, but the decor was cute and matched the rest of the inn. I would recommend this for couples and for people who just want a warm, relaxing getaway."  

 Noalita from New York


 "Wow, was I impressed with the hikes and the fall colors were amazing I cant wait to come back to Vermont next fall"

 Laura from Greenwich, Connecticut


"This is a very large B&B (40 rooms). The wonderful hosts of this establishment live in the hotel. Hotel is clean and feels like home you want to have away from home. The family running this place are VERY friendly. I haven't seen this kind of hospitality anywhere else!"

   Shamus from, New York, NY


"The rooms are basic but comfortable. The proprietors, Karen and Paul Steele are very personable and go out of their way to make you feel at home without being overbearing as can be the case in some B&Bs. The inn itself is very charming and comfortable with a beautiful dining room, lounge area, pub style bar, large lounge/game room in the basement with ping pong, pocket billiards, bumper pool, a library and a heated indoor pool. The grounds are well maintained with an outdoor pool and tennis court. All in all we would stay here again as it was a good value and a true Vermont experience."

Ralph from Levittown, NY


"This was a fantastic experience! The program combined beautiful hikes directed by experienced professional guides, delicious cuisine with additional beneficial activities such as yoga and nutrition/cooking sessions. It was so much more than I expected after a long absence from hiking. Return reservations are already made. Baby Boomers should select this vacation as it would put or keep them on a healthier living track. The weigh loss program really did it for me. Great staff!! Great place!!!"

 Elizabeth from Florida


"It was better than I expected and I was amazed at rascal, he was the cutest beagle I've ever seen, watching him hike along sniffing and running on trails made me smile. The food was excellent and they catered to my special diet restrictions"

 John from Bradenton, Florida


"Great opportunity to hike with guides...centrally located...defined regime for getting fit with guidance and support...beautiful the idea of levels to accommodate various to see bit more of Vermont's quaint towns....most appealing concept for a great mountain area experience."

Betty from Massachusetts


"You have something for every level of hiker and the additional activities which you offer compliment the goals the choice of menu: diet or hiker...great location and like the a la carte offerings...great concept!"

Raymond from NY, New York


"The best hiking trip ever! The hikes, the food, the activities and the inn were more than i expected and wonderfully enjoyable. I highly recommend AT Adventures for a vacation. The hikes are so beautiful and the staff is great. They are so knowledgeable and helpful. I will defiantly come back next season!"

 Michael from Pennsylvania


"I wanted to thank you and your staff for a really nice week. You have such a great service, the people you work with are so nice. i am looking forward to returning"

 David from NY, New York


"This was a life-changing experience for a retired 1st time hiker....tremendous variety of hiking vistas....extremely professional hiking staff...and of course, Rascal, the hiking dog, was a terrific inspiration!...excellent accommodations and attentive staff ....great programs in addition to the hiking experience...very much looking forward to return visit in the fall."

Jake from Peabody, Massachusetts


"I can not say enough about ATA! The food was great, the hikes were beautiful. The guides were so professional & informative. My favorite furry guide was Rascal! Yoga class was relaxing & the hands on cooking demo were great...still making my smoothies! And to top off my weekend stay I lost 2 pounds!"

  Tara from Newburyport, Massachusetts



"I had an incredible time, I highly recommend them for your vacation. The hikes are so beautiful and the staff is great. They are so knowledgeable and helpful. I will defiantly come back next season!"

 Patricia from Boston, Massachusetts