ATA recommends a 5 to 7 night stay to experience all ATA offers including any a la carte activities. This allows enough time for hiking a half or full day to a variety of destinations such as a waterfall and mountain top vista. After a half day hike guests participate in kayaking on a flat water lake or one of the extremely fun local rivers; exploring a quaint town, such as Woodstock or Tyson; or even visiting local excursions, such as the Maple Museum, Cabot Cheese, Long Trail Brewery, Quechee Gorge, Vermont Country Store and much more! For those interested, we visit a beginner cave weekly. Going underground, we explore big rooms with smaller side passages where guests may possibly find ice until late August. A surprise awaits the brave explorer who reaches the last room in the rear of the cave, it's a sight you would never expect to see! For more information, see our Daily Schedule Page.


If you would like to participate in yoga every day, please choose the Hiking and Yoga Program, so we can arrange to have an instructor dedicated to you. We cannot guarantee a class with last minute requests. 


If you would like to have a massage every day, please choose the Hiking Spa Program, so we can arrange to have a massage therapist dedicated to you. We cannot guarantee daily massages with last minute requests. 


The closest airport is Rutland, VT however it's only serviced by small airplanes from Cape Air and JetBlue of Boston, MA (Logan Airport). The airport is located 30-40 minutes away. The next closest airports are Burlington, VT (1.75 hour drive), Manchester, NH (2 hour drive), and Albany, NY (2 hour drive).  ATA provides shuttle service from the airport to the inn for a fee. For Rutland airport, we recommend the 4:50 p.m. departure flight so guests can enjoy a hike their last day. For more information, see ATA's Travel Directions Page


Bus service is provided by Greyhound to White River Junction, VT, which is about 60 minutes away from the inn. ATA provides shuttle service from the bus station to the inn for a fee.


Train service is provided by Amtrak to Rutland, VT, which is 30 minutes away from the inn. ATA provides shuttle service from the train station to the inn for a fee.


The best time to reach ATA or John, Founder of ATA, is after 4p.m. when we return from a day of hiking and kayaking adventures.


If you would like to book an a la Carte activity such as horseback riding, rock climbing, etcetera please contact ATA for more information on the local guides.


We recommend bringing sandals for pre- and post-hike, to help reduce blisters, and for kayaking.



What does a one night stay include? A night stay includes dinner on your check in night, breakfast the following morning, guided hike, picnic lunch, kayaking, and excursion.



What is included on the day I checkout? On your checkout day, breakfast, lunch, and optional half day or all day hike or kayak are offered. Checkout is at 12:30 P.M., after the morning hike returns, a bag lunch is included on your checkout day. Hikers are welcome to put their bags in their car or with the front desk and participate past 12:30 p.m. or until the day’s adventure concludes between 2-4 p.m.. There are showers in the locker rooms that can be used post hike.


What can I expect on a hike? ATA has no set hiking or excursion schedule as we believe in being flexible due to the weather and guests' needs for that day.


Is there a minimum or maximum length of a guests stay? Guests may arrive and depart any day of the week and may stay for any length of time desired.


How long is an average hike? We depart for hiking at 8:30 a.m. and return around 1 to 4 p.m. Hiking times will vary from 3 to 7 hours depending on guests' needs and weather.


What level terrain do you hike on each day? Each day, guests may choose any level of hike from beginner, intermediate, or advanced.


What is a typical group size? Group size varies from 2 to 20 guests.


Is there internet? The inn has free wireless internet access in every room: including the patio area, pool area, and private rooms. ATA has a computer available for guests' use.


When are meals served? Breakfast starts promptly at 7:30 a.m. in the restaurant where ATA has a reserved table(s). Dinner is served from 5 p.m. to 9.p.m. at the Foundry Restaurant or O' Dwyer's Public Houset where ATA has reserved table(s). Alcohol is available but not include in our rates.


When do hikes depart? Guest have about 30 minutes before the hikes depart at 8:30 a.m. John will discuss the hikes and answer any questions you might have at the table around 7:45 a.m.


What if I don't have the recommended gear? Backpacks, hiking poles, bug spray and rain ponchos will be provided should you need them. Water bottles, mole foam, hats, tee shirts, gloves, socks, bath robes and hiking poles are available for purchase.



What is in the ATA meeting room?  ATA's meeting room you can find cold and hot water, fruit, teas, band aids, plastic baggies, soap to wash water bottles, computer, microwave, refrigerator, hiking literature, board games, puzzles and a wide variety of nature themed DVDs to use during your stay.


Do guests have to hike each day?  No, guests are free to do as they wish.


Do guests have to hike and then go kayaking or caving?  No, guests have the option just to hike. Kayaking is optional but we specialize in and welcome beginners.


Where can I get a massage and how much do they cost? The Summit Lodge offers a variety of relaxing and therapeutic massages varying from $80.00 per hour up to $110.00. Appointments can be arranged by contacting the Summit Inn's front desk. For more information see, our Spa Services Page.


How do I arrange a tennis lesson and what is the cost? Tennis lessons are arranged through John. Private lesson rates are as follows; $60.00 for 1 hour and $40.00 for 1/2 an hour. Price is less for semi-private with 2 people or more. Additionally, an afternoon clinic with 2 hours of instruction for $50.00 per person from 1-3 p.m. can be set up with a minimum of 3 people required.


Is there a place I can wash my clothes? A washer and dryer are available for guests' use, detergent is available in the hiker room.


Can I smoke in my room? No, guest rooms are non-smoking


Is there a hairdryer in my room? Yes, all rooms have a hairdryer.


Should I specifically request amenities? Yes, massages, dietary consultations and cooking demonstrations are available upon request for any guest.